Individual Therapy

Through careful assessment of your needs and concerns we collaboratively discuss course of treatment and your own goals.

I work with a wide range of concerns but specialize in and am passionate about Trauma, Anxiety and Perinatal Mental Health for individual counseling.

From our sessions we will work together on: 

  • Building/Regaining trust and hope 

  • Addressing emotional concerns that contribute to feeling sad, anxious, or unsafe. 

  • Reframing and shifting perspectives 

  • Building on your strengths and Identifying new ones 

  • Strengthening coping skills 

  • Learning tools to reduce and eliminate symptoms

  • Reconnecting to yourself and what you enjoy most in life

  • Setting and acknowledging your boundaries 

There is immense value in participating in a space that is 100% yours, where you can feel seen, heard, and safe. 

If you are motivated to begin working towards change and relief of overwhelming emotions click below to make an appointment. 

Calm Sea