Perinatal Mental Health

What does Perinatal Mental Health involve?

Perinatal Mental Health involves pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting in all forms, all of which need more compassionate attention, support and reflection. 


What does therapy look like?

Co-creating safety and compassion

Parenting, pregnancy and childbirth are different for every individual. There can be parents that cannot connect to the feeling of joy. I can imagine how alarming it must feel when everyone around you and your baby are telling you how happy you should be. It's ok not to feel that way. The is a very complex period which needs to be met with understanding.


What I provide is a space to feel safe and explore the ups and downs of being either a new parent for the first time or once again, 

  • You might be feeling down

  • You might be feeling exhausted but with little to no desire to sleep 

  • You might feel irritable more often than not 

  • You might be experiencing conflict with your family or partner

  • You might be experiencing intrusive thoughts or images that scare you

  • You might be experiencing worry you cannot fully understand 

  • You might be struggling on how to connect with your child

In therapy we will assess and explore these experiences to provide context and tools to manage symptoms. You deserve to be understood, heard, and met with compassion. Allow us to work on that together while learning how to cope, the ways you can connect with your child, and the best ways to support you and the things you value most.

If you are feeling motivated, feel free to give me a call or schedule a session below 

Image by Liane Metzler